The Rose Theatre

I am still touched by one of the most impressing experience I ever had since I started with Second Life in 2007. I knew the Rose Theatre already since last year, when the creator of this wonderful and breathtaking location, Kaya Angel, was so kind to allow me to do a fashion photoshooting there.
Yesterday my beloved hubby and me visited our first event there :

„The best of the Musical Showcases“ which took part in the Opera House. I never ever expected to see such a professional, perfectly organized and stunning show.

More than 90 minutes, the lovely and breathtaking voice of Elvera Lerner, brought us a great variety of music we all know from musicals or movies.

Arielle – Part of your world

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Beauty and the Beast

Usually when I am visiting a concert in Second Life, I get bored after 30 minutes, but this time I felt entertained from the first minute until the last. The mixture between Elvera´s performance and the wonderful stage decoration changing with every song, even during some songs was really stunning. The passion of all the people being involved in presenting this show was omnipresent.
Even my love Alchemist, who usually prefers a completely different style of music („metal rules!“), was deeply impressed and predestined this as his all-time-number-one music experience in Second Life.

Evita – Don´t cry for me Argentina

A wonderful selection of songs from Arielle, Beauty & the Beast, Toy Story, Cats, the Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Evita and many other songs were performed. If you haven´t visited an event on the Rose Theatre, I really really advice you to go there, you won´t regret it.

Thank you Kaya, Elvera and all helpers for this unforgettable experience 🙂


Winter Wedding Location at Angel Blue Sky (Arcs)

Finally we finished to set up our winter wedding location!

Are you in a romantic mood and planning your wedding in the winter season, you should have a look here:

Winter and Christmas time is my favourite Second Life season, as you will have already noticed if you already visited ARCS through the Second Life Showcase (Winterfest).

You can rent this land for your wedding and also find beautiful spots for your receiption.

For any questions please contact me ingame – Curl Swindlehurst – or my husband, Alchemist Redgrave.