The Rose Theatre

I am still touched by one of the most impressing experience I ever had since I started with Second Life in 2007. I knew the Rose Theatre already since last year, when the creator of this wonderful and breathtaking location, Kaya Angel, was so kind to allow me to do a fashion photoshooting there.
Yesterday my beloved hubby and me visited our first event there :

„The best of the Musical Showcases“ which took part in the Opera House. I never ever expected to see such a professional, perfectly organized and stunning show.

More than 90 minutes, the lovely and breathtaking voice of Elvera Lerner, brought us a great variety of music we all know from musicals or movies.

Arielle – Part of your world

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Beauty and the Beast

Usually when I am visiting a concert in Second Life, I get bored after 30 minutes, but this time I felt entertained from the first minute until the last. The mixture between Elvera´s performance and the wonderful stage decoration changing with every song, even during some songs was really stunning. The passion of all the people being involved in presenting this show was omnipresent.
Even my love Alchemist, who usually prefers a completely different style of music („metal rules!“), was deeply impressed and predestined this as his all-time-number-one music experience in Second Life.

Evita – Don´t cry for me Argentina

A wonderful selection of songs from Arielle, Beauty & the Beast, Toy Story, Cats, the Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Evita and many other songs were performed. If you haven´t visited an event on the Rose Theatre, I really really advice you to go there, you won´t regret it.

Thank you Kaya, Elvera and all helpers for this unforgettable experience 🙂


In love with „The Loft“….

I won´t tell a long boring story how I found out about the new product of my favourite furniture and home-accessoires shop, The Loft.

An amazing and beautiful planket, cuddly, with pillows, changeable colours and 15 very nice poses (couples and single boy or girl). Believe me – you need this!


Have a look and try it, a demo version you find next to the entrance of the shop.

I don´t want to forget to mention that in the past weeks I was delighted at their high-quality customer service. As a group member you recieve beautiful group gifts and if you have a problem, Colleen Desmoulins or Dahlia Elide are there for you with a lot of help and patience 🙂

Thanks again Dahlia for your immediate help after my planket dissapeared in the Linden-Nirvana after the server problems a few nights ago !!

The Loft Furniture and Prefabs, The Loft (169, 128, 27)


….(OOO (as in soup) – Blee (as in ..Blee) – Ette).

I already liked to read this funny description of the area I landed by accident. I can´t remember how it came to teleport there, but I can´t remember an accident I was more happy about to happen.

A real winter wonderland with amazing nice spots to discover. It took me around 90 minutes to explore and I still have the impression that I didn´t see everything. I am sure that I will return soon.

You are welcome by a beautiful frozen pond and invited to do a single or couple-ice skating.

Don´t yawn! It´s not that booooring ice-skating animation you find on every winter sim, nooooo. You will love it, I have never seen a better one. Especially the couple´s ice-skating animation is worth a try, I promise.


Exploring around, you will find many nice spots for a cool snapshot. And don´t forget to try the tasty wassail, you don´t feel cold any more. But be careful, heavy stuff *hicc* 😉


After that I needed a short break….noo, no, not because of the wassail…..:-D


The good thing is – there are so many amazing spots that invite to a short break to sit and take a picture – that there´s even space for a second wassail….



Take a little time and don´t miss to visit this outstanding winterland……you will love it.

Oubliette (161, 105, 21)

To all of you, good night and…..

Merry Christmas and a curly 2009 !!!


Snowy World

Homin Mayo hat liebevoll eine wunderschöne Winterlandschaft gestaltet mit kuscheligen, winterlichen Knusperhäuschen und hübschen Details.

Unbedingt ansehen ! Die kleinen Häuser sind sogar zu kaufen und das zu einem moderaten Preis . Je nach Farbe zwischen 298 und 360 L$, copyable und mit Außendeko wie Beleuchtung, Schnee und Bäumen. Ich freu mich schon jetzt darauf, das niedliche Hüttchen in meine anstehende Weihnachts-/Winterdekoration einzubauen. Hier ein paar Fotos:



Hier gehts lang:

I love Las Arenas Rosadas

Durch Zufall entdeckte ich heute diesen wundervollen Fleck SL-Erde. Ich war auf einer anderen Sim und sah wahnsinnig realistisch gemachte Wellen, die ich gern für mein Zuhause hätte. Ich klickte auf den Ersteller und über diesen Umweg fand ich den Weg hierher……

Zum Entspannen eine Spitzenadresse und vor allen Dingen eine schöne Location für Fotoaufnahmen…..ein Besuch lohnt sich!